Pumpkin Party Oct 2019

In 2018 we hosted our first ever pumpkin party, inviting friends, family, and neighbors over for chili, a bonfire, and pumpkin carving. It was our first big party at our house in Brendonwood. It was a really fun party, but I was NOT as prepared as I thought I was. The only “dessert” I had was a bunch of halloween candy, and other than chili, we had some chips and dip. There was a huge wind storm that year that took out a couple trees in our back yard, and it was colder outside than usual, so most people hung out inside most of the time.

So for the second annual Pumpkin party I had to go all out! I got a ton of cute (but not kitchy) pumpkin decor from Home Goods, I had a bad-ass desert table, we made three kinds of chili, and a huge charcuterie board and snack table. We had a bonfire again of course, and a small toddler-sized bounce house for the kids.

We have a large garden plot in our back yard, so we planted pumpkins for people to pick out their own pumpkins to carve. Some of the pumpkins ended up on the smaller side, but we had a good amount for people to pick from.

Can’t wait for next year’s party! 59162955429__2119CAD0-6067-4060-99DF-85042DC316C7IMG_1834IMG_1835IMG_1836IMG_1837IMG_1838IMG_1839IMG_1840IMG_1841