Home Office Happy Place

Make your home office a happy place! While your home office is a designated place to get work done, it should still be a room you enjoy and like to be in. The more you enjoy it, the more inspired and motivated you’ll be!

Half of our home office is my husband’s space….the only place I allowed him to hang and display his collection of Cubs and baseball stuff….since we don’t have a finished basement or “man cave” area, I had to give him something. =) Baseball makes him happy so that’s how we filled his side.

We both have our own desks, but I also chose a cozy chair with a fun palm leaf print, a matching ottoman, and little yellow metal side table, all from Ikea. I love working on my computer in this chair, and I’m often working here instead of my desk. We also have a huge bulletin board for calendars, pictures, lists, etc.

Fill your home office with things you love. Make it cozy, pretty, inspiring, And change it up as often as you’d like. Ours is still a work in progress!