Why I live in Indianapolis

I moved to Indianapolis after graduating college in 2008. I moved in with my aunt, thinking I would be here temporarily. After living in New York City for a summer a couple years prior, I fell in love with big city living and thought Indy was too small for me. I searched and applied for jobs in New York, Chicago, Dallas….any big city really. This was in 2008… not much hiring going on…and I was not the most aggressive job hunter at the time. I wasn’t even quite sure what I wanted to do exactly.

I ended up applying for a position in town, at a local, family-run PR firm (my degree is in communications & public relations), and got the job. The economy caught up to them though, and I was laid off a few months later.

I can’t really remember when or why, but my determination to live somewhere else wavered and I settled in, calling Indy my home. I met my now husband Owen, rented my own apartment, and got a job working for a real estate investor, doing lead generation and basically assistant. I ended up getting my real estate license in 2011 and jumped in full time as a real estate agent, creating the Indy Scene Team with my business partner. The rest is pretty much history.

So it may have been circumstance (or maybe fate?) that kept me in Indianapolis, but I’m glad I ended up here. It is an amazing city and I love living here for many reasons:

Family.This is obviously a personal one, but most of my family is here, and I can’t imagine living a plane ride a way from my parents, especially now that I have a kid.

Cost of living is low.You can get a lot more for your money here. Like, a lot more. Especially when it comes to housing. Yes prices are steadily rising because of the current lack of inventory, but our market is still very affordable compared to most other cities. Plus we have an amazing (newer) airport with direct flights to lots of places, making it very easy to vacation. Plus the low cost of living gives us the extra money to actually take those vacations.

Easy to get around. No, we don’t have a large scale public transportation system (as of now), but it is very easy to get around. You can get pretty much get anywhere in 30 min or less. Longer if we’re talking rush-hour and you live outside 465, in the “suburbs” of Indianapolis. But even then it’s way less time in the car than other cities.

Culture. Yes, Indianapolis has culture, even though outsiders look at us and just think corn fields. The amount and types of neighborhoods and communities are many. There is a place for everyone, with suburban areas with A+ schools, to historic neighborhoods with 100 year old homes, to extremely urban condos and townhomes in the heart of downtown. The people here like to try new things, are down to earth, and over-all friendly. Indy responds with new restaurants, new developments, and tons of  community activities almost daily.

Stuff to do. To name a few: Nationally ranked Children’s Museum, 3 state parks for hiking, exploring, canoeing, etc., Indianapolis Zoo, multiple museums like the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana State Museum, Eiteljorg Museum, etc….. indoor and outdoor music venues, tons of farmers markets, a bunch of golf courses, paddle boat rentals on the canal, see the Pacers, Colts, Indy Fuel (hockey), or Indy Eleven (soccer), broadway shows, or go out to the million different restaurants.

Energy. Not the same type of New York City bustling energy on the streets, but there is so much development going on- I’m seeing parts of neighborhoods revitalized almost overnight. The gap between downtown and midtown is closing. A new public transportation line is going in soon that will connect broad ripple and mass ave. It’s exciting to be in a place long enough to see it grow and change for the better.

That is my story in a nutshell of how I came to Indianapolis and why I stay.

If you have questions about living in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to reach out!