Mom Groups

I’ve been looking into different mom groups around Indianapolis. My lazy introverted homebody self is asking, why? Why would one do that? It sounds so forced- will the only thing we have in common be the fact that we have kids?! Well, maybe. But at the end of the day, moms need other moms in their lives. I need other moms in my life. There are so many questions! And maybe I’ll make some new friends. Oh yeah, and it’s good to socialize the kids too I guess….but at this age they’re a little indifferent to each other. Right now it’s all about the moms!

Plus it’s good for business. I always need to expand my network, grow my sphere, and potentially sell some homes to the people I meet. Part of my job is it to have a large network of people to grow my business, and joining a mom group is another way to do that. And you know, it won’t be weird to join one now, since I had a baby and everything.

Wes and I have been on a couple outings so far- met a few moms who were really nice, and it was definitely cool and interesting to see how other moms interact with their little ones. This raising kids thing is hard, so I’m always up for advice and different perspectives from other parents. I think I’ll continue to go to these meet-ups, and maybe look into other groups as well. I don’t think Wes cares either way…