Weston’s first Birthday party

I debated whether or not to do a big first birthday party for Wes. We went to Hawaii for vacation at the end of January, so he turned one while we were gone. We were either going to have to throw together an early party before we left, or have a belated birthday party once we got back in town.

I’m not super crafty, I couldn’t think of a good theme, we had a lot going on…and a number of other excuses went through my head. But I knew I’d really regret it if we didn’t have one, so the next few days were spent on Pintrest. Once I had the theme, it was a really easy to come up with ideas and put a plan in place. (The theme was baseball…..DUH so obvious I’m not sure how that didn’t come to mind right away).

We had a “baseball game ball” we had guests sign for Wes. The sandlot was playing in the living room. We had a concessions area with peanuts and cracker jack, popcorn and candy. In the kitchen we put a hot dog station with all the fixings, and a nacho station. I actually went to hobby lobby, bought supplies and made a ribbon banner for Weston’s high chair. (The supplies for which were almost $50. Next time I’m spending that on a pre-made, more professional looking banner.) Although I was really proud of my crafty-ness.

I think it turned out amazing and we got lots of good photos that I’ll be extremely happy to have when he’s older. =)

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