The Sale of 4133 Broadway

We are selling our home. Holy crap it’s more stressful/nerve-racking/emotional than I expected. And I sell homes for a living. I just had no idea….I’ve never sold a house of my own. I’m always the calm head of reason when it comes to my clients, so I never felt what sellers actually go through.

But I’m my own client- there is no other real estate agent telling me that we’ll just take it step by step, that it will get worked out. I have to talk myself off the ledge. Because I love our house! Why are we leaving!?

We are in the standard “need more space” situation, so we kept our eyes out for something that would work, that we would love just as much, and also fall within our price range (really hard in this market). We finally found a good family home with tons of space. It needs some changes and updating, which made me super reluctant at first, but it’s a great size for us to grow into. We’re actually excited to be able to make some changes to make it our own. So we made the offer (while on vacation), got it accepted, and hit the ground running when we got back in town to prepare our home- cleaning, repairs, storing, pictures- and into the MLS. 24 hours on the market and we had two offers, one above list price. I knew we priced it right, staged it beautifully and got amazing pictures. I knew it would sell it quickly.  But I was still so freaking nervous! And not really sure why. It’s like it just comes with the territory and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Then you have your inspections. And the awful anticipation for the results and the list of doom. The inevitable list of things the buyer wants fixed. There is always something. (Telling myself now: we’ll take it step by step, it will get worked out….).

Plus when you are selling your home and also buying a new home at the same time, you’re worried about the other side…will the sellers fix MY list of things that need done?! We’re in the middle of all the inspection negotiations as we speak. So fingers crossed.

I understand now what my sellers go through- the waiting, the anticipating, the worrying. But it does all get worked out, and the excitement of the new home starts to kick in after the hard parts are taken care of.

To all the sellers out there- good luck, and I feel you.

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