Real Estate Lesson Learned: Are you working with a Realtor?

This is a lesson I have to learn over and over again, because for some reason I can’t keep the damn rule in my brain for more than a month. ALWAYS ask leads if they are already working with an agent. I’ve wasted too much time on the following:

  • researching the house info 
  • Looking at comps 
  • Setting up the showings
  • Printing out MLS sheet
  • Driving to the house 
  • Meeting and talking with the lead 
  • Showing the house

And then the words that make you want to just die right there: “thanks for meeting with us. We’ll talk to our Realtor about an offer.” 

Oooohhh. You’re already working with an agent then? 

Im both annoyed at the buyers (you have a realtor now, do you?! Ever heard of calling YOUR REALTOR to show you a home?) And also pissed at myself (WHY didn’t I ask them if they had an agent before meeting with them?!?) 

But really, it’s completely my fault for not qualifying the buyer and asking the right questions. Sometimes it can work out though. If they aren’t super committed or not exactly happy with their agent, I can meet them in person and blow them away enough to use me instead. And at the very least I’m able to preview a home that I have not yet seen.

But really….it’s just time wasted and I need to remember: Always ask, “ARE YOU ALREADY WORKING WITH A REALTOR?”