It’s that time of year again….new year’s resolutions that you hope to keep but know you never will. A new fresh start, you say. This year will be different! Better! But the year sets in and before you know it it’s already Thanksgiving again. I’m guilty of this every year.

I think the reason people have such a hard time following through with resolutions is because they focus on the end goal and the big picture. It’s too daunting and at a certain point you just say what the hell, and forget all about it.

Goals are much easier to achieve if you break them down day to day, and focus on the processes and activities it will take to actually get you there. For example: you want to lose 20 pounds (I know, the most obvious example ever). Don’t focus on the weight at all. Focus your energy on the actual actives it will take to lose the weight. 50 sit ups a night….walk 5 miles per week….get your ass to the gym at least 3 times a week….etc. etc. If I want to sell 50 homes this year, how many appointments to I need to set per day? How many listings do I need to take? I need to break it down and focus on the every day actions needed to get me there.

I recently learned from Darren Hardy, an amazing speaker on success, that to achieve your big goals, pick 5-10 areas where you can make 1% improvements. You can use this in your business, personal life, sports league…..whatever you are looking to improve, just focus on tweaking something slightly everyday. The small improvements will add up to make a big impact.

That is my resolution this year. I want to be better tomorrow than I am today. I want to learn something everyday. I will pick my areas of focus and make small improvements. Now that doesn’t sound too hard.