As a new mom of a baby boy, this past year has been full of firsts. And this seemed like a good topic given that this is my first blog post for House of Snapp.

This also seemed like the perfect time to create a blog, to document all the firsts and exciting things happening with my family, work and life in general. My baby Weston is 10 months old and I’ve already forgotten how things were and what he was doing when he was just 3 months old. They always say it goes by fast but I didn’t realize how fast. And by the way, when do you start saying “my son” instead of “my baby”? “My son” still sounds weird to me.

Anyway, I love to write. I’m a huge procrastinator but once I actually do it,  I love the feeling of getting things out of my head and down on paper (or screen). So I hope to write about not just mom stuff, but about my work, my city, my love for homes and decor, and whatever else may pop in my head that I just need to put down. People may read it, no one may read it….I really don’t care, I just want a pretty blog and a place to document what I’m doing with my life.

Which, right now, happens to be savoring all the firsts that come with a baby (he’s about to start walking any day now!), and it’s more exciting than I could have imagined.